Marketing Checklist

We get results for our clients in so many ways...

Increasing traffic, building brand awareness, stretching marketing dollars and making more money!

The best way we can help your business is to learn about it. Our experienced marketing coaches will work with you to understand your market, identify opportunities and deliver solutions that will help drive traffic through your doors.

The fitness industry's leading marketing company is at your service with our new Marketing Checklist... and the best part, it's yours to complete absolutely FREE!

Does your club:

have a system for integrating new members into the club? (required)

send regular emails to members about club events, specials, etc.? (required)

track your leads? (required)

generate referrals at the point of sale? (required)

offer corporate memberships to large employers in the area? (required)

align with a local charity for fundraising? (required)

participate in cross promotion with other local (complementary) small businesses? (required)

reach out to past members 2-3 times per year with an offer to rejoin? (required)

conduct a member referral program 2-3 times per year? (required)

get referral from local physicians? (required)

have at least 10% of members working with a personal trainer? (required)

post to your Facebook account every day? (required)

generate consistent leads from your website? (required)

offer a members rewards program? (required)

host weight loss challenges for both members and prospects 2-3 times per year? (required)

have a website that is a powerful marketing vehicle? (required)

generate a minimum of 30% of club revenue from non-dues sources? (required)

work from an annual marketing plan? (required)

send member birthday promotions? (required)

spend a minimum of 5% of monthly revenues on marketing? (required)

celebrate a club anniversary date with membership specials? (required)

send regular emails to past guests/leads with club events? (required)

host community events such a open houses, health fairs, lectures, etc.? (required)

build a strong, powerful brand awareness with consistent messaging and graphic design on all internal and external marketing? (required)

Choose your marketing coach (required)