Stay Ahead of Your Competition


Every club owner faces the same question: How do I increase revenues and stay ahead of my competition with a sluggish economy and rising costs?

The solution: you have to market to stay ahead. It’s a proven fact, you have to continually market your club to ensure prospects know you exist:

Studies have shown, companies that maintained or boosted their marketing budget during the 1974 recession enjoyed 132% growth by 1978, compared to 79% for those that cut advertising.

The same is true for the 1981 downturn. Marketers who got more aggressive with their marketing were rewarded with 275% sales growth by 1985, while growth for companies that decreased spending averaged just 19%.*

Right! So, how do you as club owners execute this solution and make sure you get the best possible results? At Susan K. Bailey Advertising, our entire objective is to create effective club marketing that gets noticed, makes your brand memorable, speaks your message loud and clear and drives new members to your club.

With enormous experience in marketing for the fitness industry, our professionals will develop a powerful marketing plan that will add momentum to your club revenues and make a healthy contribution to your business success!

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