The Concept
With the prevalence of mobile usage across our audience, we have developed a tool to target ads to users using their GPS data on their mobile devices. We can deliver contextually relevant ads to users with a high degree of accuracy on our extended network.

How It Works

  • Users browse the web on a mobile device with their location services on
  • We capture their longitude and latitude
  • We serve them ads based on advertisers in as little as a one mile radius from your location, a competitor or an event.

What It Looks Like


The Benefits

  • Targeting - Is the most accurate method of targeting providing more relevant ads based on location
  • Branding - Allows for relevant branding that can leverage when users are in a certain frame of mind
  • Incremental Revenue - Targeting ads to users when they are close to a partner can drive impulse purchases

The Price

Ad Units
Big Box 300x250
Mobile Banner 320x50

Impression Level
10,000 - 249,999
250,000 - 999,999
1,000,000 +

$20 CPM
$17 CPM
$15 CPM

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