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Better thinking. Brighter creative vision:

We're your health and fitness club marketing experts

At Susan K. Bailey we bring fitness to life by creating effective fitness club marketing that produces amazing results. We offer original, market-tested promotions, creative designs and compelling content. In our 25+ year history, we have established strong working relationships with hundreds of health and fitness centers giving us a unique perspective on the industry and how to develop successful health club marketing strategies that reach and inspire prospective members.

Looking for your next winning marketing idea?
Try Already A Member

From marketing, to marketing plans,
to coaching to websites and digital:

Marketing Plans & Coaching

Running your business and managing day-to-day operations is a tall order. One that leaves little time to plan your marketing. With over 50 years combined experience in the fitness industry, our Marketing Coaches will help you develop promotional calendars as well as complete 12-month marketing plans and budgets that fit....well, you!

Outstanding Service

That sums up who we are. We take the time to sit with you, chat with you and listen to the hurdles you encounter in running your business. We'll pull from our extensive experience and vast collection of proven tools to find the right solution for you...and we may just catch up on that ugly Christmas sweater we saw you wearing!

Campaign Development

Looking to engage and create excitement with a new program or promotion? It's all in the master plan. We'll help you create the perfect attention-grabbing creative, hand-pick the vehicles, define your goals, track your success - even coach you on internal processes. Now that's campaign development!

Email Marketing

Communicate. Engage. Invite. Email marketing is a proven cornerstone in every marketing plan. At a fraction of the cost of most marketing tools, email marketing will help build a relationship with existing members, and boost marketing efforts to targeted subscription-based prospects. It's one of the easiest ways to reinforce your marketing.


Is your website just a pretty (or not so pretty) billboard in disguise? Your website should do more than just be there as profit "drives" by. It should be your loudest champion - singing your praises, inviting your prospects and engaging your members - whether they are curled up at home, or on the road. Find out how we can transform your website from lazy to amazing!

Graphic Design

We say it all the time - and it's true! We have the most talented, most creative designers in the industry. From print, to signage, to digital and everything in between, our designers have an endless supply of fresh, modern ideas to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

What Our Clients Say

October is typically not a great month for us. We needed something different that would get results. Susan K. Bailey’s Already A Member campaign increased our traffic by 30% over the previous year and accounted for over 50% of our new members. It tied for our best October EVER!

Mike Connors General Manager, ClubWorx

I have been using the prospect email service from Susan K. Bailey for over three months, it has paid for itself and then some. What I like the most about it is it’s fast and easy, it targets people in the zip code I choose, it reaches new people in a new way and at 5 cents per email, it’s a great buy. Try it!

Paul Maduri, Fitness Unlimited

We have been using Susan K. Bailey for several years now. Last year we were able to save money by committing to a New Year’s program when we did our fall mailing. We have the flexibility to pick the cards we like and tailor them to our club’s offer. We will be doing the same program again this year and look forward to saving $$$.

Julie Garcia Sun Oaks Tennis and Fitness
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Marketing How-To

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Make a Marketing Resolution

The arrival of spring is a welcome change for many of us, whether it is simply better weather or the promise of fresh starts, new growth and opportunity. For many, spring cannot arrive too soon unless, of course, you don’t have a marketing plan!