Design & Coaching Bundles

Yes! We've bundled our design and coaching services:

At SKB, our clients are busy running their clubs and managing the day-to-day operations of their business. These important tasks leave little to no time for planning their next marketing campaign. Our SKB Marketing Coaches bring over 50 years combined experience in the fitness industry to develop promotional calendars as well as complete 12-month marketing plans and budgets customized to each client.

Start with our Foundation Package:

  • 60 minute Marketing Coaching Call
  • Marketing Checklist Completion, Review and Report
  • Sample Marketing Plan and Budget (3-months)
  • Demographic Overview:
    Interesting Facts About Your Market
  • Radius and Member Plot Report
  • Prospect Email Counts
  • Website Analysis and Review
  • Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Article

Build on your Foundation and Benefit from Bundling:

  • Design Services (25% savings)
  • Retainer Rates on SKB Print and Mail Services (10-15% savings)
  • Marketing Plan (12 months)
  • Marketing Budget (12 months)
  • Promotional Calendar (12 Months)

Let the experts at SKB help you maximize your marketing success!

We have bundles to fit your budget. Choose from Core, Balance or Power and watch us help you reach your goals faster, build consistency in your brand, take the guesswork out of your marketing and penetrate your market.

Choose the bundle to fit your budget...

Core: $399/month*

  • 30 minute coaching call per month
  • 3 hours design services per month

Balance: $649/month*

  • 60 minute coaching call per month
  • 5 hours design services per month

Start Up: $848/one time

  • 60 minute coaching call
  • 6 month marketing plan and budget
  • 3 hours design services
  • 6 month promotional calendar
  • Up to 3 demographic reports for site

Power: $899/month*

  • 90 minute coaching call per month
  • 7 hours design services per month

*Minimum 4 month commitment

Ready to tap into this wealth of knowledge?