When you are ready to think about reopening, we are ready to support you

Now is the time to start planning

With so many changes happening around us, planning to reopen may seem like a daunting task. Let SKBailey help you put a plan into place - from signage focusing on sanitation efforts and safety protocols , to physical-distancing floor decals as a reminder to members to keep their distance, to social media posts to help you stay front of mind.

Social Media is important, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and time consuming - it's more than pretty pictures and how many “likes” you have.  SKBailey will guide you through the constantly changing world of social media, be your extra pair of hands when you need it and help you:

  • Create brand awareness with your own branded content
  • Develop a social media aesthetic
  • Increase growth

- all within a budget that works for you.

We spend over 4 hours a day looking at our phones, so chances are a consumer’s head will be looking downward at any given time. The ground we walk on could be the perfect spot to get your brand the attention it needs. A floor decal is placed precisely where your customers will notice it!

Floor Decals will benefit your business:

  • Able to be cut to almost any shape, up to a max width of 48"
  • Place large sizes and quantities in any usable space without obstructing foot traffic or breaking your budget
  • Can be used on textured and smooth surfaces and can be easily removed, plus cause no damage to the floor
  • Laminated with anti-slip coating, there is no danger that a floor decal will cause an accident

Click here for more information on floor decals

Reassure your members and encourage them to get back into their healthy routine with posters, displays, lawn signs and more.

And More!

Don't wait, start planning your reopening today!