Frames & Displays

Poster Stand / Sandwich Board

This sturdy and durable poster stand is the perfect answer to display your posters in the club. Replace the easel and stop mounting your posters and start saving money! This simple click frame unit allows you to change the image in just minutes. Made of high quality aluminium with a silver finish, it includes UV protective plastic sheets on both sides. It also has 1-1/4? silver profile rounded corners and metal rear panel.

Aluminium Click Frames

Tired of taping or taking up your space on your bulletins for announcements or other posters? Mount these frames to the wall, stalls or anywhere else you want to get your message out. Simply click the frames open, put your message in and close them! Easy and affordable in a variety of sizes:
8.5x11"     11x14"     17x22"     22x28"     24x36"

Spring-Loaded Frames

These fun and funky displays allow simple change of posters. They can hang in a window, above a counter, etc. Includes two transparent clips for hanging and is available in a variety of sizes:
12x18" 18x24" 22x28" 24x36" 36x48"

Poster-Snap Clamp Strips

Here is a super easy way to hang a poster. Mount to the wall or hang from the ceiling, these silver aluminium clamps are versatile and look great:
22"w     24"w     28"w     30"w     36"w

Sign Clip

Put your message where it can be seen with these great little clips. From the front desk to profit centers and anywhere in between these clips can reinforce any message you are trying to get out to your members. These are inexpensive and effective. Two different styles to choose from, approximately 4" tall.