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Creative Halloween marketing ideas for fitness clubs

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Trick or treating may be for kids, but that doesn’t mean that fitness clubs can’t have a lot of fun with Halloween too! It can be a great time to market your club. Why not plan a day full day of spooky activities for your members’ and their friends. Get ready for some creative ideas to help your club market fitness, frights and fun!

A Halloween theme adds variety and changes the scenery. 

Decorating the club with Halloween decor and allowing the wearing of costumes during workouts can create a festive atmosphere. Sometimes a little change in scenery is enough to boost your  member’s well-being and mood. It can also help to “wake up” their minds to be more open to try new things (a class or piece of equipment).

Encourage members to bring a friend

Allowing your members to bring a friend will help alleviate boredom. Workouts feel easier and seem to go faster when done with a friend or in a group and can help to keep your members motivated.

Give out Halloween 3 day passes and offer ghoulish membership pricing for anyone who joins during their 3 day visit. Guest passes allow new prospects to experience your club and all that you have to offer with no obligation.

Share a Halloween workout challenge

Have members participate and share photos of themselves on social media. Don’t forget to select a hashtag so you can track participants. Try something like #halloweenworkoutat(yourclubname) 

This challenge can be expanded upon with prizes for accountability, private facebook group, club staff or personal trainers demonstrating the workouts and so much more. It’s a great way for everyone to have a frighteningly good time.

Pumpkin spice for the WIN

Do you have other profit centers within your club? Now is the time to upsell to current members and have something enticing for guests. Think about offering a pumpkin spice smoothie at your smoothie bar. Maybe hand out buy one get one half off coupons for the week prior to Halloween. Also, if the public has access to your smoothie bar, place the coupon on your website to drive traffic there and collect new leads. 

This is also a great way to attract members who may not be currently frequenting your smoothie bar. Once they taste how amazing your smoothies are, they may be more inclined to purchase one after their next workout.

Have an on-site nutritionist and/or sell nutritional e-books online? Create a Halloween themed e-book full of healthier Halloween snack options. Maybe your nutritionist creates a pumpkin spice protein ball snack recipe to share on social media and the nutritional benefits of pumpkin. 

Halloween party fun

Choose a day close to or on Halloween to host a day-long Halloween party.

Host costume contests for group exercise classes with prizes as an incentive to fill your classes. Encourage members to “bring a friend” with passes mentioned above. Maybe consider drawing a grand prize winner from all the winners that day. Post photos on social and get the public to vote. This creates a buzz around your club as winners encourage friends and family to vote for them. 

Plan Halloween themed workouts that day. Consider playing Halloween movies on some of your TVs.

Give out Halloween “treats” in the form of healthier options like protein smoothie samples, protein bars or club merchandise like water bottles or T-shirts, if available.

Finally, take lots of fun photos (make sure to get permission) and share all the fun on social media.  This is a great way to build community and get people excited about working out at your club.

Halloween is a great time to change things up in your fitness club and try some new marketing ideas. A Halloween theme can add variety and fun for members, and encourage them to bring their friends along. Whatever you do, be sure to have some fun with it! And don’t forget to download our free Halloween workout and social media art to help get you started.

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